Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hopes and Dreams

I recently turned 33 and as I looked through my documents while cleaning my computer, I found this list that I still find important on how I live my life.  It is as true now as when I first wrote it. 

Hopes and Dreams

I know that I might never reach all my goals and dreams as I hope I will, but I hope that I have the courage to enjoy working towards them.

I hope that I have the strength to get up and keep walking after every time I fall, which I know will happen.

I hope that I have the strength and patience to forgive and keep believing in people even when those I trust and love let me down and hurt me.

I hope I don't become so proud that I can't say I am sorry and admit when something is my fault, or when I am wrong.

I hope I have the courage to ask the questions I should and the strength to hear the answers I might not want to hear.

I hope I never lose the wonder of learning and the joy of fun, ice cream, cartoons, being in love and being loved.

And above all, when I die and God asks me what was the thing that I liked the most about my life, I hope that I can honestly still say  "LIVING"

--Rosa Sanchez