Sunday, August 7, 2011

World War Z and surviving a Zombie attack

Well, my brother lend me the book World War Z by Max Brook.  He thought I would enjoy it since I love reading Laurel K. Hamilton books. Now, I am not necesarily a fan of the zombie type stories and for the most part avoid books or movies (ahem... Resident Evil series, Night of the living dead) that use this theme. I have seen a lot of the movies, but then again my mom is a fan of the horror genre of movies and I wasn't about to say no to her if she wanted me to see them with her, but that is another story.

Anyway, my brother doesn't read as much as I do and he is much more selective about the type of books he reads.  He was right, I really liked the book. Although the story was very sad specially since it is told as fictional oral account of the war against the zombies.  The survivors that willingly tell their stories and experiences during the war is done very matter of fact and at times with a lot of emotion.  The author manages to cover stories from all different aspects of the War. He interviews people in countries all over the world. They are doctors, military men and women, politicians, religious leaders and regular people who managed to survive in different ways.

I must admit that there are times when I was so involved in the story that I wanted to punch the leaders of some of the countries for their egotistical stupidity and some others I hope we have in real life specially if a situation like that ever arose.

It is a fun read and it made me think if i could survive a Zombie attack... I am not sure I would. Would you survive?

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  1. Zombies are awesome!!!! That is pretty much all I got to say!